My Wedding Invitation

We all know that invitations are ways of asking a guest to attend a certain function but in this case a wedding. Weddings are exciting and so choosing the perfect wedding invitation can be a lot of stress for the couple because it should or will be the first taste your guests will get of your big event, so you really want it to make an impact. When your guests receive your invitation it should give them an immediate idea of what the wedding will be like. Color, theme, casual, elegant or formal. Some wedding invitations come with save the date cards which can be a form of engagement announcements as well as wedding dates especially to guests or relatives living outside your country or states.


Choosing the perfect wedding invites is similar to choosing the perfect wedding dress because of panic attacks. First impressions last forever and wedding invitations sets the tone and theme for the entire affair. So choosing an invitation design is the most essential part of a wedding invitation because what one couple likes another might dislike. For example a couple who is out going could feel that a metallic pockets fold witha satin ribbon and rhinestone buckle perfectly sets the stage for an elaborate, flashy wedding. On the other hand, traditional brides may love classic invitations featuring maybe a white cotton card stock with black, gold or silver writing that appears simple and elegant. Also photos of the couple are also appropriate for an engagement invitation or a save the date announcement card. Some trending wedding invites design go with the scheme of your wedding for example fun bold patterns that include polka dots and stripes stand out in wedding invites design. Also Pocket style invitations are becoming very popular. In this type of invitation the envelope forms a part of the invitation itself and wraps around other elements of the invitation such as directions and wedding lists details.


The popular shape and sizes of wedding invitations are rectangular (vertical and horizontal), squared (plain and with a wrap), trifold or tall and slim (vertical and horizontal). But with modern technology and design software’s your wedding invitations could be any shape and size you could dream of. I myself once saw a wedding invite inform of a leaf. Amazing right? I saw another in form of a boarding pass. So you just think it and there is every possibility that your dreams will come through. Make your thought come to life right here in Kasprints

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