The KP2 Program, is your Revolutionary Digital Printing Partnership Advantage, providing opportunity for printers, graphic designers, and publishers, an undiluted access to global printing standards. The program is an initiative to grow indigenous Entrepreneurs in the sector by improving their proficiency way above average in production quality, quantity and speed at an unprecedented 50 % discounted rate even as we midwife your own brand in Ultra Quality Digital Print, the ultimate in printing.

The largest digital printing company in Nigeria brings reality to your digital printing fantasies through partnership on qualification and membership basis.

Printers, graphic designers, and publishers who are trying to grow their business or want to add that classic global touch to their work are welcome to register and sign up for membership.

Young Entrepreneurs: This category is driven with the upcoming entrepreneur in mind who has the knowledge and skill with little or no machineries to carry out his jobs. KP2 provides you the platform and materials through its fully equipped printing hub centres with state of the Art Computers and machineries to undertake your jobs from start to finish. This is available in the 6 Geopolitical zones of the Country. It also allows for 2 stages of sample prints to allow your client assess and approve outlook before final print and post printing.

• Accredited Members would have FREE access to our fully equipped Computer Hardware Hubs spread across the Nation.

• Accredited Members would also enjoy printing at 50% less the prevailing market rate on a high definition Digital Print Equipment of 2400 DPI Resolution (Best quality).

• Accredited Members would enjoy FREE exclusive advert and exposure to potential clients across the nation.

• This category offers opportunity for periodic training and development programs.

Advanced: This is designed for those who are probably equipped with both tools and manpower but need our high capacity effects. We offer a print only option on this category leaving post printing activities to the partner himself. Cost of production is 100% upfront payment by partner still on a 50% discount at prevailing market price.

A 2400dpi print resolution at the speed of light of 36,000 A4 per hour and 600,000 capability within 24 hours, and 3.6 million copies capability branchwide, ensures quality production and timely deliveries.

Register with us today for free and maximize your digital print experience.


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